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Thread: Intel Linux Graphics Installer 1.0.5 Has 2014Q1 Support

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    Default Intel Linux Graphics Installer 1.0.5 Has 2014Q1 Support

    Phoronix: Intel Linux Graphics Installer 1.0.5 Has 2014Q1 Support

    Intel this week has released their Intel Graphics Installer 1.0.5 for Linux, which ships their 2014Q1 open-source graphics driver stack. Supported with this quarterly update is now also Ubuntu 14.04 LTS while the other primary target, Fedora, is still obviously at version 20...

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    Now, if only it worked.

    Splitting up /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/download.01.org_gfx_repos_ubuntu_14.04_main_dists_trusty_InRelease into data and signature failedE: GPG error: trusty InRelease: Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NODATA' (does the network require authentication?)

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    Are these regular Intel graphics updates getting rolled into the regular updates by major distros in any reasonably timely manner or is it necessary to DIY?

    In general the release date Linux support by Intel has been simply flawless, but with it would be nice to have the latest fixes especially for the latest hardware.

    Also, there are huge numbers of older Intel systems still in active use so it would be greatly appreciated if those would also get some attention. (security, power management etc.). Just fraction of a watt savings multiplied by millions adds up to something meaningful.

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    Arch Linux has all above mentioned packages up-to-date, some are even newer:-D. Generally speaking, Rolling releases (Arch, Gentoo, Debian Sid maybe...) will have these but for non-rolling, they have to be manually installed or somehow automated.

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