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Thread: Steam For Linux Last Month Showed A Slight Rise In Usage

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    Quote Originally Posted by uid313 View Post
    Yeah but the Linux version of Skype is not as featured and has a weird and confusing UI.
    I also had some problems webcamming with my girlfriend.
    Also when playing web cam in fullscreen, it lags and is slow.
    What exactly is missing? It was pretty much the case before microsoft bought them, but since then (which is quite funny :-D) it's quite stable and has all the important features. AFAIK the features that are missing are facebook and outlook integration and group video calls.

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    I finally received a survey for the first time since I started using Steam on Linux

    I think they might have fixed that bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laykun View Post
    I wonder if these statistics include people running the Windows Steam client under wine. I have incredibly good success running all my big title Steam games under linux (except DayZ) with decent performance. This is with the CSMT patches which make a massive playability difference for a majority of my games. I'm actually able to play CS:GO through wine and play competitively ... across triple monitors ( 5760x1200 ).
    Yes, that was going to be my question too. I'm playing three Windows games on Steam via PlayOnLinux, since there is no Linux version of the game available. Do I show up as a Windows user or a Linux user?
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