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Thread: OpenBSD 5.5 Brings Y2038 Compliance, Better Hardware Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by endman View Post
    Mind showing us how to do it? Links, Steps etc.? Because I hear OpenBSD doesn't allow you to compile individual components. Only either the whole kernel or userland.
    He already did. He provided a link. Go there and it has a list of security with links with how to address them. Here's a short snippet:

    Apply patch using:
        signify -Vep /etc/signify/ -x 005_openssl.patch.sig \
            -m - | (cd /usr/src && patch -p0)
    Then build and install libssl
        cd /usr/src/lib/libssl/ssl
        make obj
        make install
    He also went on to explain that you only need to rebuild your whole system if you go with -stable.

    Try actually reading the post next time. This particular post was rather short too so there's really no excuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endman View Post
    Brad0, the BSD fayboy.

    Looks with you're just pissed that OpenBSD's "new" radeon is old and outdated from Linux 3.8.

    In Linux today, we use radeon from Linux 3.15. OpenBSD is years behind Linux in everything.
    OpenBSD and Linux are diferent projects with not exactly the same focus, both are stable and secure, but OpenBSD developers are more strict with the code , so naturally new features will come later on OpenBSD, but it have less bugs and secure holes, do some research and you will see.

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