You are a tad misguided here...

While it is true that Android uses a 'forked' version of the Linux kernel, it is very different from any Linux Distro in that it's main OS is very much Java (well, a slimmed version of Java). Android also has various different APIs and frameworks that aren't used in the standard Linux kernel, uses things like Bionic, etc. Though it was speculated that Linux and Android kernels would one day merge, the fact is that they may never do so. Android is very much it's own OS that can't be bundled together as being "Linux" just yet.

Android utilized many different performance techniques and there are lots of differences that can greatly affect performance vs Linux

So stating that Android performance = Linux performance is very, VERY far from the truth, not to mention speculative.

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Stupidest article ever.

"Until then, we have no idea how these new AMD APUs will work for low-power environments outside of Android."
.... here's a little bit of interesting information.... ANDROID ***IS*** LINUX.

Unless you're referring to wondoze or bsd, then ANDROID performance is directly indicative of pretty much everything.

Also, who the hell cares? It really is about time that AMD started supporting Android. I want more power, but not at the cost of being stuck with intel/powervr bullshit.