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In games where CPU power is more important than GPU it's true that 5200 offer the best performance in iGPU world, but for a games required more GPU power a Kaveri is faster. In most of the game benchmarks A10-7850K offers better performance than Intel units with HD5200.
The surprising thing about the Iris Pro graphics is all Intel did was give it ESRAM that's literally a separate chip on the CPU. A massive 128MB worth of it. Something AMD has been doing for years with Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but doesn't seem to exist on their desktop APU's.

AMD has the advantage in price, but not in graphics or CPU performance. Also consider that the A10 is a high end desktop CPU, while the Intel chips with Iris Pro graphics are on mobile CPUs. It's a matter of Intel waking up and throwing them on their desktop CPU's.