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Thread: More Steam Linux Tests/Benchmarks Might Be Coming

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    Default More Steam Linux Tests/Benchmarks Might Be Coming

    Phoronix: More Steam Linux Tests/Benchmarks Might Be Coming

    Thanks to changes being made to the Steam Linux client, it looks like we might be closer to being able to deliver more often benchmarks of Steam Linux games...

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    Traces will definitely be interesting to test the GPU's full potential, but it must be noted on those kinds of benchmarks that the cpu load is far from being realistic.

    Most source-based games (and Dota 2 especially) are very cpu-limited, so even though we may see the newer AMD APU posting better results on the vogl trace, in reality a machine with a beefier cpu but an older gpu may offer better performance.

    Edit: In fact, it would be very interesting to see this tested when vogl traces are introduced to the pts. How well each trace relates to a real-world execution of the same benchmark, especially given different cpu speeds.

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    You know, I can't find any good benchmarks for web browsers on Linux. Any plans to try and benchmark browsers on Ubuntu?

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    Logging the version numbers is definitely a reasonable compromise.

    Looking forward to seeing some benchmarks on my setup (6870, open source drivers) so that I don't have to do them myself, I'm lazy like that.

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