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Thread: Audacious 3.5 Lightweight Audio Player Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancurio View Post
    Audacious is part of the reason I managed to convince myself to do the switch to Linux. Such awesome software (like other's, I can't stand the giant library players like iTunes and Amarok).
    I use both; the lightweight Audacious for when I'm just quick launching individual music files (or premade playlist) from file manager, and a heavier manager such as Banshee or Rhythmbox when I want to tag large amounts of tracks, and manager/create playlists.

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    I was also using Audacious before I switched to DeadBeef. IIRC Audacious had trouble with my 8k titles playlist… I could try this new version, but DeadBeef is almost perfect for me anyway. (I didn’t understand the problem with the multimedia keys. You can use both normal keys and multimedia keys to control DeadBeef.)

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