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Thread: AmazonBasics External USB 2.0 DVD Writer For Linux

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    I personally encounter enough retired/defective laptops that I salvage parts from that something like this isn't necessary for me. For about $8 you can get a USB 2.0 enclosure for slim drives. But, I figure getting one of those enclosures and then buying a separate DVD drive isn't going to be very cost effective.

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    Default screw that

    i use IODD 2501 / Zalman ZM-VE200 HDD enclosure with hardware Bluray/DVD/CD/Floppy emulation for all my ISO needs and threw the hell away all disk roms from my house. screw that obsolete tech and screw this advertisement BS.

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    Michael/Phoronix: Please keep your advertisements limited to their proper picturelinks. Writing an article to advertise this device (for which there is absolutely nothing special or unusual -- every little computer store has similar devices for the same price or less) is insulting to your customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FourDMusic View Post
    A bit off topic, but does anyone have experience playing blu-rays on Linux? I've been thinking about getting an internal blu-ray player, but wanted to know how well it worked on Linux before putting down the money.
    Check out MakeMKV. They offer a perpetual free beta. One just has to enter the current beta key every three months or so.

    Even though the name implies it's only good for making MKVs, it also supports just playing Blu-Ray discs in VLC or other players using on the fly decryption of the stream.

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