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Thread: ReactOS Working On A Community Windows OS

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    Quote Originally Posted by kokoko3k View Post
    And as opensource projexts and apps, Qt, GTK apps exists on windows too, QT apps exists on windows TOO.
    And they DO look different on windows TOO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Qt
    Qt uses the native graphics API of each platform it supports, taking full advantage of system resources.
    Qt LOOKS native.

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    What's with all the Windows fanbois?. I used Windows for 15 years, made the FULL switch to Xubuntu in Oct 2012 and I don't miss Windows at all. Fragmentation is a dirty word used by Windows peeps, we call it CHOICE; something Windows users know nothing about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dukenukemx View Post
    Because like Windows 8, I find myself doing more for things I used to do easily. Switching between applications can be cumberson, and the task bar on the left is a waste of screen relastate. It's not even a task bar, but more like a huge line of applications that you would normally put as shortcuts on your desktop. It's like someone took the bottom bar from Max OSX and threw it to the left side, vertically.

    The problem is that anyone new to Linux won't know what UI they want. I myself use Mint for it's Cinammon UI, and now realized it has a lot of limitations. For example, switching hybrid graphics and forcing the GPU to run at high speeds just to render the desktop. So I shopped around by installing other UI's. Gets ugly when the default for every UI is messed up. For example, XFCE with terminal uses black text over a black box. Who was the genius who thought that up? You know how many of these UI's I had to get simple things working like a way to see my wifi and sound volume controls?

    But yea, the best way to experience a UI is the install a distro made specifically for it. Like you said, Xubuntu or Kubuntu. Just stinks that after you went through the trouble to setup an OS, that you may have to reinstall it again.
    Again, the taskbar is no different than Windows 7 and 8's, which is exactly the same, 'a huge line of applications that you would normally put as shortcuts on your desktop'.

    The average user doesn't need to know what UI they want. They'll most likey just grab whatever is the most popular, such as the default Ubuntu Unity interface. After that, they don't really care at all since the DE does not change the type of programs you can use and really aren't all that different. If they care enough to learn about all the different desktop environments, they can just look around at screenshots and install the one they like without needing to lose any of their stuff. Heck, I can reinstall a distro on all my computers daily and stilll have all of my settings and programs. Reinstalling Linux isn't a big deal, especially considering there is no worry about licenses and installing programs is a lot faster. Also, a waste of screen real estate? Don't you realize that most monitors are 16:9 or 16:10 these days?

    The DE has nothing to do with hybrid graphics or how your graphics card functions. Xfce does not use black text over a black box. Seems like you don't really know what you are doing if you can't access wifi or sound settings with your DE. All the DEs support those basic features -- you're just trolling.
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