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Thread: 13-Way Low-End GPU Comparison With AMD's AM1 Athlon

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    Default Only one PCIe slot

    Quote Originally Posted by riklaunim View Post
    Zostac has pcie 1x NVIDIA gt610 that conforms to power limits of that pcie so that ought to work. Thin mini itx has a specs limit on power it can provide via it PCIe slot and that limits using any stronger GPU.
    Ok, but in the pics (use the link in my previous post), I only see a PCI Express 2.0 x16 Slot. There's no any other PCIe slots..

    I think its like this in the Micro-ITX version, but this is the Mini-ITX. Could that be a mistake in the specs on their website?
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    It had a power jack just like thin mini itx. Thats probably means that the board cant provide a lot of power to pcie. 200-400W power brick isnt something common

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