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Thread: Debian To Maintain 6.0 Squeeze As An LTS Release

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    One can buy new AMD AM1 hardware XP is supported, but it is not supported by Microsoft anymore . So it is not even legacy. it is not supported by company who made it .

    As of installers, you can use original installers for Firefox, Blender, etc. they work similar to Windows. There are some Linux distributions who can make it that ease way, or games can be packaged for click and run way, for example:

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    So in other words people can still run windows XP most of the time with latest versions of favorite open source applications with little effort, with optimized drivers (unless they buy new hardware).
    I can run Debian Sarge with Xfree86 server and fglrx on my Athlon 2200 and Radeon 9250, RTCW will work but laggy as fglrx is ever been . Support ended just like for Window XP, but who cares.. so if do it, that will just for the fun or if i feel boring . So maybe i will try unsupported Windows XP on Athlon 5350 - AMD actually advertised that it is supported, which is cool of course but i don't care
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