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Thread: R600 Gallium3D Disables LLVM Back-End By Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by smitty3268 View Post
    This has nothing to do with llvmpipe, or even radeonSI.

    It's about the r600 backend inside llvm, which isn't as good as the compiler and sb optimizer inside mesa's r600g driver. Nothing else.

    And the reason it's not is because no one is really working on it - everyone on the llvm side is busy getting OpenCL and the radeonSI driver working. Nobody cares about getting it working for r600g because that driver already works without it.
    My point was about llvm in general, hence why I asked about llvmpipe and its future. I was aware of vadim's sb alternative, so llvm wasn't necessary for anything other than opencl. However I want aware that the reason for removing it was basically one of shifting of resources rather than inherent problems with llvm itself.
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