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i'm more or less refraining my self to post on fedora or gnome articles (except few occasions that were too much of a joke to pass on) so, i kinda apologize on this rant of mine, but i simply could not swallow this and avoid writing comment

really? after making so many deviations from how other oses/toolkits work in general and making consistent cross platform coding so much harder (i named those way too many times, so... why bother again. not to mention i would avoid it in case if i didn't read this BS of purest form),...

this is what you say? appreciate? strange way of appreciation, like saying thanks with bullets
so i don't just bash on topic where i would originally prefer to be quiet, at least biggest bug in my book was fixed in gtk. found out after posting this, would mention this otherwise. csd now contains appmenu and this probably fixes gnome apps in other environments, not to mention appmenu stops breaking cross platform development and actually becomes viable to use