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Thread: Link-Time Optimizing Improved, But Still Takes A While On GCC 4.9

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotabedzrock View Post
    Can the Kernel be profiled? I think that is where it could gain some speed.
    perf can be used to profile the kernel. DTrace is even better if you are lucky enough to have it. Anyway, profiling tools are useless unless you can define what you want to improve. Speed is not a single metric.

    That being said, the benchmarks here are useless to Phoronix's target audience. Users care about how quickly binaries execute, not how quickly the toolchain creates them. If someone told Linus that Linux users cared about the time The toolchain takes, he would start cursing.

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    Funny that a Gentoo developer claims the users don't care about build time. Though, in a way, it is true. I, as a Gentoo user, care less about the build time as about the memory usage. I have PORTAGE_NICENESS=19 set so I don't care much if it takes several hours in the backgorund as it will not significantly affect the foregroud apps that I run, but if it starts eating all the available RAM it will have a severe effect on the system responsivity.

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