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Thread: Patch for espeak

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    Default Patch for espeak

    This patch fixes the inability of espeak to run from anywhere other than /usr. It also makes it a "no-temp-files" profile.

    diff --git a/pts/test-resources/espeak/ b/pts/test-resources/espeak/
    index cc5e731..0f36a5e 100644
    --- a/pts/test-resources/espeak/
    +++ b/pts/test-resources/espeak/
    @@ -1,13 +1,18 @@
     cd $1
     unzip -o
     cd espeak-1.37-source/src/
    +sed -i -e "s|/usr|$THIS_DIR/espeak_|g" Makefile
    +sed -i -e "s|/usr|$THIS_DIR/espeak_|g" speech.h
     make -j $NUM_CPU_JOBS
    +make install
     cd ../..
    +rm -rf espeak-1.37-source/
     echo "#!/bin/sh
    -cd espeak-1.37-source/src/
    -/usr/bin/time -f \"eSpeak Synthesis Time: %e Seconds\" ./espeak -f ../../20417-8.txt -w ../../output.wav 2>&1
    -rm -f ../../output.wav" > espeak
    +cd espeak_/bin/
    +LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$THIS_DIR/espeak_/lib/:\$LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/bin/time -f \"eSpeak Synthesis Time: %e Seconds\" ./espeak -f ../../20417-8.txt -w /dev/null 2>&1" > espeak
     chmod +x espeak
    diff --git a/pts/test-resources/espeak/ b/pts/test-resources/espeak/
    deleted file mode 100644
    index 7e4b754..0000000
    --- a/pts/test-resources/espeak/
    +++ /dev/null
    @@ -1,4 +0,0 @@
    -cd $1
    -rm -f output.wav
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    Found in git.

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