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Thread: AMD Athlon 5350 APU On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmstick View Post
    I don't know of many cases, multipurpose or otherwise, where you would need more than 4GB RAM. I'd like to know what kind of software you are using to consume so much RAM.
    kind of stupid question, what is the only software a normal user needs much ram, the browser.

    u could shurly shut down 200 power plants worldwide if this garbage software would be replaced by pure data communication protocols.

    This inconsistent, most of the time bad scaling, extreme resource-eating, with horrible interfaces controlled, "pure utter shit" browsers html interfaces that only reason of existence is for companies to play their ads, and lets look each site different "branding", and enforcing to everybody their bad designs, and everybody have to mess around how his site looks instead the user defines once a theme and have a consistent experience.

    Sorry that had to be relesead. Sadly u cant even write on such a standard forum without a browser.

    except maybe tapatalk, but sadly no free software is able to do that.
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