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How often you upgrade CPU in a single generation? I've only ever upgraded systems after 2-3 generations, otherwise its impossible to justify.
AMD sockets. They support that 2-3 generations with a single socket, allowing you to do such upgrades between generations.

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There is however a limit to how much performance one can squeeze out of a device without having to adjust the external interfaces. It will be most interesting to see what the next generation of AM1 socketed chips will look like.
Dual-channel RAM is not that much of a limit. Consider socket 754, a previous single-channel AMD socket. Compare one of the last cpus for that, Athlon 64 3700+, a single-core made on 130nm in 2005 - it beats the 5350 by 5% in integer math single-threaded.

If a core with that outdated tech can beat it, using comparable external interfaces, there can easily be a doubling of performance using the AM1 socket.