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Thread: Chrome 34 Release Supports Responsive Images & More

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    Default Chrome 34 Release Supports Responsive Images & More

    Phoronix: Chrome 34 Release Supports Responsive Images & More

    Google officially released the Chrome 34 web-browser this afternoon and with it comes new features...

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    The support for responsive images and it's multi form factor use undoubtedly is for efficient streaming a site.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to have a small protocol in place for optimal GUI experience:
    Display device sends resolution, DPI and viewer optical resolution or something similar to determine how big details need to be for the viewer to see them to the server.
    Server then selects the right UI code and data (e.g. images) to send through.

    Multi form factor apps/gui programming seems to becoming all the rage after getting high DPI support for everything. I never thought I'd be thanking the fruit logo company but thanks Apple for starting this with high DPI retina displays for mobiles. And thus causing everyone getting their shit together with DPI support.
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