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Thread: Bye bye BSD, Hello Linux: A Sys Admin's Story

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    Default Epic slap in the face of BSD nuts. But 100% truth.

    While initial post can cause pain in the rear for BSD fans, I can admit it true.

    To add a bit, BSDs also tend to lack proper package management system and also inclined on "base system" crap up to degree it goes counterproductive and screws everything up, most notably emdedded usage. Then BSD license is a crap when it comes to operating system. One of very first *nix-like machines I used was VPS using FreeBSD. It proven to be pain in the rear! Hard to maintain. Unstable. And best of all: while it has been ages ago, company who implemented this tech proven to be very BSDish in nature, denynig others chances to use and improve this tech. So right now you can see thousands of Linux VPS and VM/cloud things. But virtually no BSD-based ones around, since each and every company using BSD did the same. So now BSDs are sucking at that. But in fact both Linux and BSDs had that VPS containers techs for comparable time. But with drastically different result. BSD licensing is counterproductive and kills OS development. And those who fail to see this are just blind or silly or absolutely inclined being proprietary corps footpads.

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    Default BSD should not die

    Because; it is great competition; spurring forth interesting debate, and great technologies.

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