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Thread: Let Gearbox Know We Want Borderlands For Linux

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    Default Let Gearbox Know We Want Borderlands For Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by HasNoClue
    So last weekend I was at PAX and went to the Gearbox panel.

    There they discussed how the Vita port of Borderlands 2 came to be. Essentially what happened was the Vita community made enough noise that Gearbox listened.

    Afterwards I went and asked them about a Linux port and they said that as a community we need to make ourselves heard.

    So, if you run a Linux gaming site (I know there is a few here that do) start write an article or two stating that we are a passionate group and would love it.

    If you are not you can call them out on Twitter at @2K, @Borderlands, @GearboxSoftware, and @DuvalMagic

    Or if Twitter is not your thing send them an email here:[1]

    Let's get Borderlands on Linux!

    EDIT: added DuvalMagic as per /u/JediThug

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