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Thread: Fedora 21 Aims To Have LBZIP2 Replace BZIP2

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    Quote Originally Posted by RahulSundaram View Post
    GNOME/GTK has a stable API/ABI for the core platform. Any ABI breakages within a stable release series is considered a bug. Perhaps something is screwed up about your understanding. You might be thinking of theme breakages which aren't part of either API or ABI.
    i think you misunderstood my sarcasm, but that would probably be my fault on badly expressing it. i wasn't talking about api/abi stability, i was talking about stability of experience during stable version (talking about gnome 3 here). as far as gtk goes, i got other concerns but i won't mention those.

    gtk/gnome can't even decide on how applications behave in 3 era. with each release experience is doing 180. not to mention, they deviate from how other software works in a manner where pure gtk or qt application feels more at home on windows than it does on gnome. any cross platform app can't even start to follow gnome hig and not alienate 99% of the user base.

    off course, your claim will be valid if you say that x is not stable version, but 3.x. that simply begs for question, are daily gnome builds now what 2.x used to be? and... when whole user experience stability doesn't matter, how can small things like api/abi in zip app
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