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Thread: AMD Is Exploring A Very Interesting, More-Open Linux Driver Strategy

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    Quote Originally Posted by iznogood View Post
    Common sense is that when AMD has a working userspace catalyst driver will stop all with the open source mesa/gallium module just to save money and intellectual property. Why support the other half of the stack when they can use the closed source one ? I read the article and comments, I am just not convinced after knowing how companies work

    However if this does not go that way then this is an amazing turn off events that will benefit everyone

    Common sense is that the same thing that was true yesterday is probably still true today unless noted, and i have no idea why you think otherwise.

    Can you people guarantee
    Nothing is ever guaranteed. EVER.

    The company could go bankrupt next week and stop supporting the driver immediately.

    But they've shown no sign of doing anything but fully supporting it for years now, and you seem paranoid.
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