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Quality. Sure to impress people using VST instruments with polished and intuitive GUIs.
lolz. Yeah, the gui on this synth certainly isn't going to turn any heads... That being said - as a musician, i am less concerned with the look of a synth, than i am with how it sounds/performs. Cursynth doesn't offer any overly compelling, modern features but even considering that, it is at least possible that it has an interesting sound/quirk to it [as many more constrained synths can & do], but i wasn't able to even test that.

it definitely needs some work;

- When built with Alsa + Jack, it tries to grab alsa, rather than use jack [even when jack is running];

RtApiAlsa::getDeviceInfo: snd_pcm_open error for device (hw:0,3), Device or resource busy.
RtApiAlsa::probeDeviceOpen: pcm device (hw:0,3) won't open for output.
then if i build without alsa [and just jack], i get;

RtApiJack::probeDeviceOpen: the requested sample rate (44100) is different than the JACK server rate (96000).
I'm not really interested enough to figure it out, as I tend to use my VSTs on my linux box anyway. Which work just fine ~ N.I: Komplete 9 , U-he, Audio Damage + the odd freebie, etc... afaict, without hearing it; Cursynth is likely not competitive with [regardless of gui] with any of the synths that i tend to use. [many of which i tend to disable the gui's for anyway.

regardless, it is nice to see someone working on a music related project for linux [which could use many, many, many more - as there are areas where linux is still extremely lacking]....