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Complexity. A desktop shell (like plasma, or GNOME SHELL) must handle pointers, composition (between different windows), windows sizes and states (minimized) and possibly decorations, and its own privileged applications to deal with application rights, display settings, and thousands of other things. A phone shell can be much simpler (no compositor, pointers or windows sizes).
But if you want a shell to display something during the early boot sequence, or when debugging the kernel in a virtual console, you explicitly need something very simple.

If I'm not mistaken these patches come in a wider effort to provide a default shell that would be enough in such cases.
Ah, that explains it.

It wants to scale from a full fledged desktop to a small scale phone. Hence some stuff might look duplicate but will benefit certain scenario's. I can get into that. So, this is Wayland trying to be the same as Mir (or better) I guess... .