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Thread: Jolla Releases Its "Ohijärvi" Sailfish Linux Update

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    Default Jolla Releases Its "Ohijärvi" Sailfish Linux Update

    Phoronix: Jolla Releases Its "Ohijärvi" Sailfish Linux Update

    Jolla made available today its much anticipated v1.0 update of Sailfish, their mobile Linux distribution running on Wayland and powered by Nokia's former MeeGo code...

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    Sailfish OS looks awesome, and my next phone will probably be a Jolla phone - or an Android phone that can dualboot Android and Sailfish. I just hope that Jolla will release as opensource the whole interface as previously hinted (They're doing a good job so far, the core is open and so are many default applications, but something like AOSP is still more open).

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    Jolla released the April update. Many fixes and UI improvements and also Heartbleed got fixed.

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