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UEFI is quite complex, that's a given, but amount of documentation is hardly the best measure for software complexity in the general case. Then again, without reading either spec, I wonder if Open Firmware wouldn't need to be just a bit more complex to cover the whole scope of UEFI. Not that all the functionality UEFI provides is necessary or even desirable from a user's standpoint.
The preferable UX is configuring your hardware from your native desktop. Coreboot enables that - UEFI doesn't. I'm not even sure you need the ability to select the boot device in the firmware if OSes got the ability to pick the reboot target. If you can manage that, it means you don't need keyboard drivers, usb initialization, etc in the firmware. It also helps fix the problem that tablets have where you can't input much to these devices in their firmware because you can't use bluetooth attachments.