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Oh you just said Gnome was out of the question because they break extensions when Gnome get feature releases. You are more patient with cinnamon I see. You measure the software on different scales, that is a fallacy. You might not like Gnome, but this is not fair. If you can wait forever to get cinnamon updates, you can aso wait a few months to have the Gnome extensions get ready for new Gnome releases.
I was thinking of, say, not only Ubuntu but the whole Linux infrastructure making some kind of change that made it impossible to run an unmantained Kdenlive or and unmantained Cinnamon. I would not switch to Lightworks, which requires activation with an account, just to be able to run a new libc or kernel. Lightworks is not open source and I don't trust closed binaries with sensitive files on an encrypted filesystem. I would not give up the old-style desktop under any circumstances. Anything that cannot be made compatable with Kdenlive or a similar FULL-FEATURED true FOSS video editor I can't use, and anything that would force me to change how I interact with my computers I don't want and will not use-no matter who says anything.

Ask any computer salesman about getting people who really don't want a phone/tablet interface to buy Windows 8!