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Pawlerson is right

The BSD fanboys and trolls are being very offensive till the point that they proper technical discussion. This is Phoronix which is meant to be for the exchange of technical knowledge and information. BSD fanboys and trolls like Vim_User and Segio are turning it into the crap that is found daemonforums.org and this is getting more and more serious.

Nearly all of these pro-BSD comments are no different from the extreme acts of terrorists. In fact, BSD fayboys and trolls are literally nothing more than terrorists. They are BSD terrorists. Sergio, Vim_User, Archibald and Vermaden. Such peopleís comments are not welcome here at phoronix, site meant for honourable tech discussions.
I think for the sake of prevention, any sort of pro-BSD comments should be deleted or strongly moderated as they are always accompanied or followed by blatantly false and offensive anti-Linux comments.

I would like to vote Palwerson or someone like minded to be one of the moderators as I know that they have the right attitude to this sickening BSD fanboy/terrorist problem.

That does not excuse you, BSD is so unusable that BSD fanboy and trolls aka. BSD terrorists canít even use them for servers.
OK, it really seems to be the mentally handicapped variant. Don't you have a pathetic lying blog "article" to write?