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Thread: More HiDPI Changes Land For GNOME 3.12

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    Default More HiDPI Changes Land For GNOME 3.12

    Phoronix: More HiDPI Changes Land For GNOME 3.12

    As a quick update to the HiDPI support on top of yesterday's article about GNOME Shell 3.12 getting last minute HiDPI improvements, more work has landed today for supporting high-resolution Retina displays within this next GNOME desktop environment update...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael
    For those curious about graphics hardware and driver support for driving 4K Ultra HD displays, see my 4K Linux graphics card review from a few months ago.
    I'm curious about Gallium3D 4K performance (2D). Can you provide us with that please?

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    I'd hope that there will be 40-42" 4K displays coming out this current or next year with support for HDMI 2.0. Unfortunately, I will have to replace my good Marantz SR-5008 since it only support HDMI 1.4a despite being 4K/UHD ready. The only thing that is available in Amazon is Seiki 39" 4K TV.

    Upgrading my motherboard and APU next year won't be a problem for me.

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