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Ubuntu is a terrible distribution in my books. Dumbed down yet crippled up with arbitrary difficulty and complexity.


What a clusterfuck Ubuntu is, symlinks all over the place, libraries in alternate directories even if you're not using multilib etc. You better be a novice that uses only what they give you if you're going to use that distro because if you break it, you're screwed.

Unity? All I can do is laugh at that... an xterm is a more productive user interface than that, for me.
If you hate Ubuntu so much, then why the hell are you using it? Or is this just a bad attempt at trolling? btw the left shift key is Grub's "force show the menu" key. A simple Google search would've provided you with that information. I think most installs of Grub on single-distro systems will hide the menu screen, it might even be the default (it's unnecessary for most users to see a menu screen when they turn on the computer, Apple and Microsoft both also hide the boot loader menu)