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Thread: Universe results too large

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    Default Universe results too large

    The latest complete universe results are too large to be encapsulated in a URI.

    The PTS server responds:

    414 Request-URI Too Large
    The results I'm trying to upload are:

    I also added 2 lines to report when an upload fails:
    diff --git a/pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php b/pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php
    index 7a945a3..1dfef0b 100644
    --- a/pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php
    +++ b/pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php
    @@ -265,6 +265,8 @@ switch($COMMAND)
                            echo "Results Uploaded To: " . $upload_url . "\n\n";
    +               else
    +                       echo "Error uploading results!\n\n";
            case "REMOVE_ALL_RESULTS":
                    $remove_all = pts_bool_question("Are you sure you wish to remove all saved results (Y/n)?", true);
    Edit: It should be pretty easy to use the code demoed here: to send the results encapsulated as POST data rather than GET data. You'd need to change the parser on PTS-Global to accept $_GET and $_POST variables though.
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