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Thread: Mark Shuttleworth: Mir By Default In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAXI View Post
    Why should they? I just checked my first 20 Steam games: 4 (SDL2) 3 (SDL 1 - will SDL 1 be ported to Wayland/Mir?), that makes > 50% not using SDL.
    you entirely missed what I was getting at. If Valve goes Wayland, games will go wayland, if Valve goes Mir, games will go Mir, if Valve sticks with X, games will stick with X. Why? because they control the distribution standard that developers targeting linux will now be writing to called SteamOS nothing else really matters.

    Quote Originally Posted by TAXI View Post
    In a discussion about Mir... *facepalm*
    there's been plenty of discussion about an entirely different display server called Wayland in this thread that the article insured was going to happen, which is really where I came in

    Quote Originally Posted by TAXI View Post
    Now please re-read what to you replied to in the first place:
    And you're entirely missing the point, besides games, LibreOffice, Firefox, and Chrome, what percentage of the software do you use on a day to day basis that isn't using either GTK, Qt, or EFL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigaplex View Post
    At what point do they realise it'll be better/cheaper/faster to just give up on Mir and go back to Wayland? With a project as controversial as this (and with all the delays) do they really want to commit to debuting it in an LTS release?

    Right after he removes his foot ...

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