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Thread: 6-Way Linux Desktop 2D/3D Performance Comparison On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vim_User View Post
    Wait, what? Now it is the fault of KDE developers when Ubuntu maintainers choose defaults that are not sane, because they are guiding them not enough? Are you kidding or should this be a serious comment?
    Seriously? Did you even read the comments in this thread, were clearly was pointed out that Michael once again has not enabled un-redirecting for fullscreen rendering? Do you see the short test from siavashserver that clearly shows that there is no performance difference between KDE and XFCE if you enable that option? And how about the countless posts for every DE benchmark Michael delivers, where exactly this is pointed out?
    Talk about nonconstructive again.
    The headline of the article specifically mentions the benchmark is performed under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. The point is not to make a particular DE look pretty, but to show what a person installing Ubuntu with the chosen DE can expect. So please tell us, why Michael should fiddle with some obscure settings, which would be unknown to most users before making his benchmarks?

    I see many other constructive posts here, presenting data and narrowing down issues based on Michaels benchmark - moving the world forward. If you believe there is a bug in Ubuntu, you could probably have posted it in Launchpad in less time than spent making derogatory posts here about Michael, Ubuntu and whoever.

    I do not expect any constructive or respectful answer from you - so have a nice life...
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