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Users dislike change. As I think I said earlier, the people angriest about the changes in Microsoft Windows 8 were the Microsoft fans. So you want to help adoption of Linux? Give yourself the biggest possible target audience and make your default desktop look like a prettier version of Windows 7. That's exactly what Cinnamon and RazorQt do, and I wouldn't be surprised if they become the two most popular Linux desktop environments in the next five years.
I work at a Microsoft certified company that mostly does repairs for other businesses. Lots of the time when they start having trouble they think, if they just switch to Mac they won't be having these issues. I generally have to remind them that their computer was really old, and be paid like half the price for it too.

But the point I'm getting at is how common it is to hear this, like there's a public consensus that switching to something other than Windows fixes the problem. They are right in a way, and it shows once again why Ubuntu is so popular. It's very similar to a mac in UI.

The problem Windows has right now is they need to ditch legacy stuff entirely. But then they'd have almost no programs. Windows programs are it's own poison.