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Great, I'm happy that you've found what works for you!

As someone that uses both Linux (KDE with OpenSUSE) and Windows (7), I can easily say that Linux is what works for me. I'm always surprised by the amount of shit that people bare with Windows, and yet at the single little problem Linux is the worst thing ever.

Let's pick something as simple as having tabs in your file manager. Sounds easy, right? On Windows you need to install some scammy-looking third-party plugins just to have an half-assed experience.
What to have a thin sidebar on the left? well, good luck with it. You need to put the sidebar on autohide, restart the graphic service, and then remove the autohide. And that last until you reboot (No, I'm not joking).
What to develop anything on Windows? Good luck with anything that's not .net.

Windows works (mostly) fine as long as you do everything as Microsoft want you do to it. Even OSX is better in this regard.

Talking about DPI, Windows is not much better than Linux for this. Sure, Windows 8/8.1 are much better than Windows 7, but desktop applications still don't scale in a great way.