...and Linux only boots off a live USB stick when using AMD's nonfree driver in UEFI mode. Linux won't boot when using free or nonfree drivers in Legacy mode or the free driver in UEFI mode. All I get is a blinking underscore during those instances.

I consequently installed Linux by booting the live USB stick using AMD's nonfree driver in UEFI mode and then switched to AMD's free driver after upgrading to kernel 3.13 and uninstalled the nonfree driver. Now I get a blinking underscore when booting as well.

My hardware:

  • Intel i5 4670K
  • AMD R9 290X
  • Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H

What can I do to fix this? It took long enough just to figure out how to boot Linux on this newly built rig of mine. I used SUSE Studio Image Writer to create the live USB stick and have tried Manjaro, openSUSE, and GParted Live.