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Thread: Fedora 20 Yields Great Linux Performance On AMD's Kabini APU

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    Default Fedora 20 Yields Great Linux Performance On AMD's Kabini APU

    Phoronix: Fedora 20 Yields Great Linux Performance On AMD's Kabini APU

    The Linux benchmark / performance data to share this Saturday morning on Phoronix is of Fedora 20 on the AMD E1-2100 "Kabini" APU on the ECS KBN-I, an AMD + motherboard combination that during sale periods can be found for a little over $30 USD. We already found Kabini's Radeon HD 8210 graphics to perform well with the open-source driver and this article has more Linux OpenGL results along with stressing other subsystems. Tested was Fedora 20 with updates like the Linux 3.14 kernel and Mesa 10.

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    Not bad at all considering the potential of a dual core at that frequency...

    Can't wait for the new Kabini/whatever AM1 APUs
    Already a bunch of known mITX MoBos for them !

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    Sorry, AMD, but Kabini doesn't do a whole lot for me when there are Bay Trail Celerons that have a significant advantage in CPU performance and performance per Watt. The Radeon graphics are better, but if I wanted to do serious gaming, then I wouldn't be looking at this class of CPU. For lighter/medium gaming, I would be looking at Nvidia's Maxwell-based cards if I wanted decent 3D without generating a lot of heat/noise (since those cards give better video acceleration).

    Socketed Kabini's are a niche product at best. I say that as someone who generally buys AMD when it makes sense (i.e. I'm not an Intel fanboy).

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    Kabini E1 - Ubuntu 14.04 vs Fedora 20..... any chance??

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