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Thread: LLVM Leaps Ahead With Its Migration To C++11

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    Default LLVM Leaps Ahead With Its Migration To C++11

    Phoronix: LLVM Leaps Ahead With Its Migration To C++11

    Ending out February, compiler developer Chandler Carruth at Google flipped the upstream LLVM build systems to building under C++11 by default. So far nothing has broken and in the days ahead they will carry out more tests in their approach to now using C++11 features by default as they develop this leading compiler infrastructure...

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    I was using c++11 for like a month and found out only the other day the best feature about c++11 I didn't expect at all - that a static var inside a function is initialized thread-safely, no need to use mutexes or the broken DCLP design any longer, it just works, wow.

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    This is great news and all, but I could barely understand it with such horrible writing (it's like you threw all the rules of the English language out the window)

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