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Thread: The Third "Ubuntu App Showdown" Is Now Happening

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    Default The Third "Ubuntu App Showdown" Is Now Happening

    Phoronix: The Third "Ubuntu App Showdown" Is Now Happening

    The latest Ubuntu App Showdown is now taking place for trying to promote more applications for Ubuntu's SDK that's important for their mobile endeavours as well as their Linux desktop...

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    Considering that most open-source apps are going to support Wayland (via GTK or Qt), Ubuntu could get a lot of applications simply by supporting Wayland, at least for their desktop-mode. This shouldn't hamper their mobile efforts - they just need to add Wayland bindings to Mir. Mir is still under their control and they can keep the Mir-specific binding as well in order to support 'Ubuntu touch' apps.

    Canonical - do the right thing for once. It's not too late.

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