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Thread: AMD Press Talks Up Major Open-Source Linux Driver Features

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJSB View Post
    I'm using SLACKWARE or LINUX MINT (in a long long time ago i used OpenSUSE but at that time was a PITA to use codecs, i might try it again)...i guess my path with SLACKWARE is to compile everything from for Linux Mint, would Ubuntu's Oibaf PPA will work with it ?
    If not i guess will need also to compile everything...
    Compiling is a bit of time to set up but you can easily make Slackbuilds from the existing ones to get what's needed.
    For Slackware, you'll need :

    The most recent kernel for
    git libdrm : git clone git://
    git glamor : git clone git://
    git mesa : git clone git://
    git mesa-glu : git clone git://
    (optional) git mesa-demos : git clone git://
    git xf86-video-ati : git clone git://

    You'll also need to recompile the latest llvm to add shared libraries to the build, as they're currently missing from the official Slackware package. That means downloading all the files from a FTP mirror, like this one (I use slackware64-current) :

    and add "--enable-shared" to the configure options.
    In a recent enough system, all this takes less than an hour.
    I've written my Slackbuilds from all this and a master script that runs the "git pulls" and then starts the Slackbuilds so it's fully automatic.

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    Thx again for all detailed info !
    I'm sure that not only will help me but also will help others that wanted some guide lines about how to do it in some specific distros...

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    Hello all as this is my first post here
    Ad meritum: it would be nice to have somwhere sticked thread with all this info about where to get best drivers
    Do you know some nice repository for fedora 20 with mesa 10.1 ?
    BTW. Before using fedora I was convinced it is cutrting-edge distro, but now I'm stucked with mesa 9.2.5 wondering why ;/

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