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Thread: NVIDIA GeForce Power Efficiency: From The 6600GT To The GTX 750 Ti

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuke81 View Post
    Ehh not really, it takes less power which is true, but it can't do the same as more powerfull card to call it energy efficient(what the hell is power efficiency anyway). Pity not to see kepler based gt630 on these tests, it would be rather efficient too with it 25W tdp.
    The comparison is limited to GPUs I have, thus no 630.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    The comparison is limited to GPUs I have, thus no 630.
    Understandable, thank you for good tests.

    Just wondering is gtx750/ti still vdpau feature set D or are there any advancements on that(beta driver readme does not mention whole card).

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    Maxwell's decoder is newer than whats in Kepler, it's much faster than Kepler's decoder, already seen the early benchmarks for it, waiting for Nvidia to release a newer driver to officialy confirm Maxwell is Feature Set "E" decoder.

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