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Thread: PC-BSD 10.0 vs. PC-BSD 9.2 vs. Ubuntu 13.10 Benchmarks

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    while PC-BSD 10.0 was much faster... Too fast, in fact. The reported speeds were past where the Fujitsu HDD is capable of performing so it looks like there's some handling of ZFS in PC-BSD where not all operating may be writing to the disk as handled in previous releases or other changes with syncing to the disk or caching.
    One way to exceed the write capacity of the HDD is to compress the data before it hits the disk. ZFS supports transparent compression using such algorithms as lzjb, gzip, zle, lz4. The lz4, in particular, is quite a fast algorithm. From the man pages:
    The lz4 compression algorithm is a high-performance replacement for
    the lzjb algorithm. It features significantly faster compression and
    decompression, as well as a moderately higher compression ratio than
    lzjb, but can only be used on pools with the lz4_compress feature set
    to enabled. See zpool-features(7) for details on ZFS feature flags
    and the lz4_compress feature.
    It can deliver faster results but it's unsafe in the case of power outages or other issues if the disk is left in an awkward state.
    I am curious as to the basis of this claim, or is this mealy an supposition. ZFS has been specifically designed to handle hardware failure (i.e. a flip bit), and thus I expect a power failure will be easily managed as ZFS, using hashes of all data including meta data, will simply discard the bad data and work off a previous state. I cannot, however, provide any links to substantiate my expectation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexilion View Post
    So, PC-BSD10 comes with the nVidia blob by default? Really?
    Yep, it sees NVIDIA GPU present and then loads the NVIDIA blob by default; it doesn't have Nouveau, etc.

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    Debian GNU/kFreeBSD jessie could be interesting once the FreeBSD 10.0 kernel is ready, due to generally still using GCC 4.8 (same as Ubuntu).

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    Default Same outcome as in 2010

    Same as the results in 2010, Linux still beats crappy BSDs overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzs_47 View Post
    Where are the gaming benchmarks?

    Imo, PC-BSD is heavily modified with lot of added "extras", which slow it down. For instance, there is not option to choose UFS as the default filesystem while installation. I think it will perform better without zfs, which is the default.

    So can we have GhostBSD(FreeBSD with GUI) vs Debian vs Ubuntu?

    PC-BSD is just a FreeBSD with a graphic installer and some extra stuff like their PBI packagement, there is no modifications in kernel.

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