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Thread: GNOME's Meld Finally Ported To GTK+ 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourWife View Post
    I have used both kompare and kdiff3, sadly both doesn't have live editing which is available in meld.
    That's a huge disadvantage (and disappointment too), so even though I'm using KDE now I still use meld.
    As far as I can tell, neither of them have VCS integration either... that's one of meld's less obvious features, but if you give it a single directory as an argument, it works out if that directory is an SVN or GIT (possibly others too) workspace, and gives you a view of the local changeset - along with functions for committing, reverting, updating, etc. So very, very useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delgarde View Post
    The problem with the CentOS 5 machines is that they only have Python 2.4, which is just too old (in particular, it predates the modern exception handling syntax), so meld just can't run. I can install a newer Python, but then I also need to install a bunch of modules (pygtk) which in turn require newer versions of gtk and other system libraries. Easier to just stick with the older meld version until we finally get these machines upgraded to CentOS 6 (or 7, if that's available by then).
    As far as I remember, I simply used virtualenv + python-pip to create a separate sandboxed python installation just for meld.
    (Mind you, I hate virtualenv with passion )

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