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Thread: Motherboard for lga1150

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    Default Motherboard for lga1150

    hello to all,

    I'm choosing the components for my new PC.
    In the past I had often incompatible hardware with linux and my new pc I would assemble 100% linux compatible (It will run only linux, probably ubuntu).

    I was advised to take a intel motherboard to avoid any problems but the review at this link:
    it seems that any problem we have it too.

    My choice was a intel, you have better suggestions? Or the intel are really the best choise for linux user?

    Thanks to all

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    I decided to buy Intel Desktop Board DH87MC.
    Yesterday it came, I mounted it and installed ubuntu. I immediately recognized the problem of automatic restart when you shutdown computer, disabling the wol the problem is solved.
    This weekend I will execute more extensive testing and I will tell you my impressions.


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