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Thread: Systemd 209 Is A Massive Release, Readies Kdbus

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    Quote Originally Posted by curaga View Post
    My issue was with some proponents thinking that systemd is a shining white shield with no issues at all
    I doubt that anyone above the age of 5, thinks that systemd is anything beyond piece of software that may/will make life easier for admins in the short/middle/long term.

    and everyone opposing it must be an emotional lunatic, let's throw some more insults!
    If systemd works for you, use it, but spare the goddamn insults.
    I must admit that the amount of hate spewed at systemd or, for that matter, Lennart Poettering himself, does exceed what I consider acceptable.
    Especially given the fact that both systemd and pulseaudio can be avoided fairly easily.

    However, as others (and I) pointed out, your claims do require actual number to substantiate your claims.

    - Gilboa
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