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Thread: Ubuntu Will Not Enable Open-Source VDPAU Support

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    Hi folks, I was wrong, VLC in Ubuntu 13.10 indeed doesn't utilize vdpau. For some reason I had to set it's video output manually to glx-whatever, after I had replaced the standard xorg/mesa-stack with oibaf's stuff. Yesterday (with current oibaf stack) I could remove that option and it still works fine. I doesn't seem to use vdpau in any case and also it's not an output option. Sorry for the confusion.

    What I wrote is still valid for xine though.

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    Hah, nothing like a phoronix shitstorm caused by irc logs to push things

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    Quote Originally Posted by oibaf View Post
    Today it appeared as new package in Trusty.

    apt-get changelog libvdpau1-drivers-mesa

    mesa (10.1.0~rc1-1ubuntu4) trusty; urgency=medium

    * Merge from debian git
    - Enable building drivers for libvdpau1

    -- Timo Aaltonen <[email protected]> Thu, 20 Feb 2014 21:46:24 +0200

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    It still misses xvmc however. Also there is no reference to any of the 3 bug reports about it in the changelog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asdfblah View Post
    Yeah, exactly.
    What I meant is, VLC (< 2.2?) doesn't seem to use VDPAU at all, and you can check that simply by looking at cpu usage. The debugging output when using the -v flag is almost cryptic... but you can see there that it isn't using VDPAU.
    Anyway, VLC itself seems to be buggy as hell. mpv is great.
    VLC requires the latest and greatest LIBAV packages and the Ubuntu repos are way out of date on that and I've read that VLC has to be compiled a specific way to enable VDPAU, which distros like Ubuntu aren't doing. Hence VLC and VDPAU don't really work at this point for most users who can't figure out all the mess. I've also read that installing the latest LIBAV packages isn't necessarily a work-around as they don't get recognized by the software in many cases.

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