So I have this computer with 13.10 Ubuntu on it. Hardware wise it has GTX 760 and a BenQ XL2411T 144 Hz monitor.

So when I use the default Nouveau drivers, my desktop is fine, it is smooth as silk thanks to 144 Hz monitor. But for gaming, it is not enought. So I obviously need the drivers that Nvidia has released them selves right? But what do I need to know before I install them? Are there any kerner requirements. Should I just get it from the Nvidia site and install from there?

Also, when I have installed the Nvidia drivers before, the Ubuntu boot screen gets all weird after restart. Why is that? There is a fix for it but I dont think it's normal for a driver install to mess something like that up.
And finally, when I previously tried the Nvidia proprietary driver, I did not get 144 Hz working. It only works with Nouveau. I did go to nvidia-controls as a super user and make it 144 Hz there, but it did not change a damn thing.