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Thread: How an i build mesa with llvm ONLY for opencl?

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    Default How an i build mesa with llvm ONLY for opencl?

    I have some very annoying issues with Steam - namely if i compile mesa with llvm support, X crashes if i attempt to start Steam (doesnt matter if i have R600_LLVM=0 or R600_LLVM=0 ). Sometimes i had some other programs misbehaving here and there, but those seemed to be fixable with R600_LLVM=0.

    If i compile without llvm at all, have no problems. This issue affected other programs such as browsers when using WebGL or cbmc.

    Problem is that i want to have opencl support so is there some command line build option combination that provides opencl support but prevents llvm from being used at all for opengl?

    I have a 64 bit system and the 32 bit builds now are llvm-free, but id like to have feature parity between them.

    PS. I may not have full understanding how this llvm stuff works (apart from being used for opencl and optionally shader calculations).
    I have a A8-6500 APU, self-compiled kernel, mesa, drm, llvm, glamor, xf86-ati from git on Debian Testing 64-bit.

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    It's R600_DEBUG=nollvm not R600_LLVM=0 since

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    Quote Originally Posted by droste View Post
    It's R600_DEBUG=nollvm not R600_LLVM=0 since
    Unfortunately doesnt help. Still crashes X.

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    Oh well. I recompiled mesa again and it works now. There is some black magic involved if i build mesa with llvm support it seems. Sometimes it just doesnt work right and if i recompile it it does. No idea why.
    Thing is that if i build without llvm, i had no issues like these.

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