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"Pointer" has been the arrow / hand / whatever pointing at the next visual object to be selected on a pixel scale, for as long as the WIMP (Windows Icons Mouse and Pointer) paradigm has existed (decades)
otoh a "cursor" has always been the indicator for where text will be entered (| , usually but not always, blinking) - for as long
what's with this urge to redefine terminology? to confuse newer generations of users and programmers?
Well, X11 has called mouse-like devices (they're not all mice) 'pointers' for the best part of three decades, so I think that'll do.

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anyway, this aside (and aside from the fact that the concept of a pointer lock would be ludicrous, since a mouse doesnt block reaching screen borders - it doesnt even interact with screen borders, neither physical nor logical...) how would this change the point at hand (pointer lock being a hack)?
It completely suspends the cursor, and gives you relative motion deltas directly from the pointer. What more do you want? Have you looked at the spec?