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You're confusing him with me, the troll guy. I guess we can say Metro:LL isn't a complete broken mess. I should try it and see for myself. If I can make it through, say, an hour gaming session without ten crashes, I will mark that down as a success story. Does it work on AMD cards yet?
I play several games in Steam using Linux, of course, without any problems.
Others that has some problems, the developers updates the game with some regularity.
There are crashdumps sent to Steam everytime a game crashes.

The good part of this?? I'm using exclusively opensource driver (radeonsi).
The games are mostly tested with the proprietary blobs.
Working with FOSS drivers is a great thing.

About the hour without a crash, I play several games without crashes for more than one hour.
It starts to become uncommon a game crash in Linux.
I should have a better experience maybe because I'm using a constantly updated driver stack.
I don't know what you use, but several distributions has old driver stacks.

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Now the only thing I'm really saying is that we really don't know how game performance in Windows compares to, say, Ubuntu or whatever. All of these "benchmarks" we have so far are kind of crap and aren't representative of real-world PC gaming. Yes, OpenGL performance is just as awful in Windows as it is in Ubuntu. I guess the only thing we really do know for sure is that DEs like Unity and GNOME Shell are unbelievably bloated piles of unmitigated trainwreck-level disastrous catastrophes compared to, say, decades-old Windows 7 Aero. How much that impacts game performance is hard to say... except for those rare (i.e., 100% reproducible) cases where Unity hogs half of my VRAM and crashes my games.*

(* but I'm not bitter)
The Unigine demos are very representative of modern games IMHO.
About the DEs using the OpenGL stack and impacting the game performance, I agree with you. They shouldn't.